Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

I never went strawberry picking as a kid and probably never gave it a thought until having kids.  Last year, three generations all went for the first time.

There was something poetic about it.  
Two, thirty-two or sixty-few...you are never too old or young to try something new.  
And since we had experience, we headed back for more.

Coming prepared too.  A "special" basket for Lauren and we all wore rain or garden boots because the dirt gets everywhere.

 Besides the threat of little shoes stomping on your freshly picked strawberries, this is a great place to take kids.  Lauren was really into the picking, while William just enjoyed a mid-morning snack.  

There was no running away, maybe because their eyes and hands were busy seeing red.


How do you like them apples strawberries?  

Thank you Middleton Berry Farms!  
You should really think about a scale to weigh the little ones before and after picking

What did we do with all our strawberries?
*Fruit Salad
*Topping a buttered english muffin
*Puree for bellini's (it's in my fridge, just need some friends)
*Strawberry Pie

Truth be told, I didn't make the crust.  But the rest was all me.
I used the recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker, but it seems there aren't many variations out there.  
Bucket list...check!



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  1. i like strawberry bellini's:) sister just needs some t.i.m.e.! xx