Monday, November 12, 2012

Dad's Day Off

Billy decided to take a much needed and deserved Friday off last week and we enjoyed the morning to ourselves (ie - extra sleep after a late night out) with the kids in school but spent the afternoon at The Henry Ford Museum (visted here) with our neighbors.

I think Billy and William had the most fun and I loved watching them together.  It's amazing how boys will be boys.  He was sooo into this train, and probably could have just watched it go around and around the entire time we were there.

 I zoom right past, but these two just stop and study...must be a boy thing.

They would hardly stop and let me take a picture, best I got.

There is a lego exhibit going on now.  There were crazy lego skyscrapers on display but these kids didn't even notice and were onto the area where they could build their own.

I promise she's smiling:)

We did manage day!

Thanks for taking the day off.  I know at times it doesn't always feel like a vacation, but I certainly do appreciate the extra help and break for our normal routine!  



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