Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Roundup

I wanted to post a few of the other fun things we did last week:)

Thanksgiving Program

Lauren's preschool invited parents to come to school for a little program.  They have been working on learning a lot of nursery rhymes so we listened to the kids recite a few, heard a Thanksgiving story and had a snack that the kids helped baked.  I know this will be the first of many.

When we celebrate the holiday with my side of the family it always rotates from one willing hostess to the next.  Now that my generation is marrying and having kids, it is our turn to start ponying up and my cousin Stephen and his wife Jennifer happily opened their home.  Luckily for Lauren and William, they have two boys close in age.  These cousins had never met, but they were fast friends.

Saturday Night

Our Canadian cousins joined us again this Thanksgiving and took a break from their shopping bonanza (seriously, I'm a rookie compared to them) to join us for dinner and a little night of comedy afterward co-starring their favorite American cousin-in-law!

Billy probably doesn't want me plugging his hobby too much on the blog so I'll stick it way down at the bottom.  This is all I'll say...he is doing a little holiday sketch show and it's hilarious!  Check out and get your tickets for North By North Pole.



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