Monday, November 5, 2012


Not too many years ago I rarely watched an MSU football game, but was almost always ready for the tailgate.  I only knew the football schedule because we would know how early we needed to start partying.  Well, those days are for the most the past. (Never say never, right?)

Kristi, David and Tyler were visiting from California and wanted to partake in a little tailgating.  We brought the kids and the grandmas along too.

I thought the cold weather would for sure make for some unhappy tailgaters, but they were troopers!  We parked in a family friendly tailgating area (for all you alumni, I never thought I'd be parking at Munn Field...alcohol free!)

My biggest mistake was dressing my kids in RED, what was I thinking? 
Maybe the loss was our fault:)

It was a fun afternoon...who knew tailgating could be just as fun sober!  HA!

And thanks mom for helping me out.  Another successful adventure:)

Can't wait to meet that future Spartan next year, Kristi!!



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