Wednesday, November 14, 2012

William's Room: Book Ledge

Did you think you were ever going to see progress?  I know, I know...slowest makeover ever.  But, I'm actually a lot further along then it appears.  The gallery wall is practically complete, I just found a lamp for the nightstand and a few more tweaks and it's ready.  So in the mean time, this spot is complete!

I've seen these photo ledges being used to display books all over pinterest and thought it would be a great addition to William's room to bring in color and fill up a blank wall.  

We purchased this at IKEA for $14.99 and had all the books already on hand!

I also got these boxes at IKEA too.  I can't remember the price, again cheap...and I love the gingham lining inside.  They come with lids but since they are holding his diapers and wipes it didn't make sense to use them.

This area won't always be a changing station, but I think as he grows the ledge will continue to work.  Wills thinks so too.



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