Monday, November 19, 2012

Girls' Club

 It's what we call our alone time and a title that she actually started using.  The one on one time is important and it goes further than just the two of us.  She needs it with her dad and grandparents too.    

It could be me painting her nails or something as painful simple as her doing my hair.

I could tell last week that she may have needed "girls' club." Lauren had seemed a little jealous that William was getting to hang out with me while she was in school, so we planned a date and went out Saturday afternoon for a special treat.  Deep fried oreos and smoothies at Mae's followed by a little thrifting.  

I too enjoy my girly time.  My mom, to this day will say to always make time for your girlfriends.  And this weekend I got plenty of it!  It started on Thursday night with a Stella and Dot jewelry party and continued all the way until Sunday.  
Jocelyn and Emma came for a visit on Friday and while the kids played she and I went shopping in my closet.  It might look like a mess, but she was styling me using what I already own.  We got to talk fashion and just sit an catch up over a cup of coffee.  She then joined me for an a$$ kicking on Saturday at my gym!  

Saturday night, I was reunited with Beth for some actual face to face catching up!  I really hope we'll see each other over the winter!

Dressed in a Jocelyn original, I went to a Delta Gamma reunion lunch.  It's an annual event that was started a few years ago that I continue to look forward to.  I love seeing old sorority sisters and meeting new ones.  

And this year was extra special, there were three ladies who beat cancer.  
An extra raw, raw for those dee gee's!!  

With Thanksgiving days away, I'm once again reminded just how thankful I am to have so many beautiful ladies in my life.  They all bring something special and unique to the table and I love you all!




  1. Great post! Love YOU! xxo!

  2. Who knew the dg's did this! That is cool! Wish I could have come...