Thursday, January 17, 2013

Easy Storage Solution

With four people living in a 1500 square foot space, there are bound to be storage issues.  We are constantly reorganizing and purging what isn't used so our closets don't become a scene from Hoarders.  A nice little before and after for you.

But I'm also looking for unusual ways to store my favorite things so they can be worn more often.  Tucked away in a box or messy drawer can make something go long forgotten, which can also make for a fun moment when you find it...guess who wore the same yellow belt five days straight because she forgot she bought that hidden gem?  This girl!

In our room we have a closet that barely even fits all of Billy's clothes.  My wardrobe is dispersed all over the house, but most of my everyday ensembles are in this dresser...but I wanted my shoes, scarves, and belts to have a nice home.  And a home where I could see them.

This is what is now hiding behind the door!  Our bedroom door is almost always open so I'm never looking at this unless I'm getting dressed.

I've had the over the door storage for my shoes for awhile.  I mainly keep in season everyday shoes here and my more dressy heels are in their original boxes in the closet upstairs.  My friend Beth gave me the idea for the shower curtain rings.  These are $1 at IKEA.  
She used them for belts...

But they just kept sliding on the hanger.  Scarves worked better for me and I just placed the belts on the hooks that I purchased at Target for around $4.
I love that I can see everything so much better and easily grab a belt or scarf to finish off an outfit!



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  1. Ahhh, I'm so inspired!! And totally jealous of your organization :/ (You should see what two of us living in 750 sq feet looks like....oye!) Pinning this for the future!