Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Security? Security?

I don't know if other parents would agree but any time we are in a public place and my kids aren't strapped into a stroller, my heart tends to beat a little bit faster.  It's hoping they don't break anything, spill anything, or God forbid get lost.  The later being every parents worst fear and one I experienced last week at the Henry Ford Museum.

Wills is just like Usain Bolt in the background:)

Lauren was her usual curious self, but I think the other mom's were helping me keep her in line more so than their own children.  It seemed that every few minutes someone was yelling "Lauren, freeze" or "Lauren, too far."  And it wasn't terrible, just excitement because she was with her friends in a place she loves to visit.  But after lunch, we headed to the lego exhibit and all of sudden Lauren was gone.  Mind you, there are two other mom's and she just bolted.  I'm yelling for her and walking in a complete panic.  A security guard approaches me and asks me what she was wearing?  I'm trying to listen to him and explain the details of her ensemble while my head is spinning that I could not have just lost my daughter.
And then she was found by our friends.  Over before it even started.  I expected to see tears streaming down her face and thought there would be a big lesson learned on what it means to "stay by mommy."  Nope, sister didn't even know she was lost!
I walked away feeling embarrassed, relieved that nothing had happened and ready to head home where my heart rate to return to normal.



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