Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sun and Snow

We don't have many free days during the week with Lauren being in school and I have been missing scheduled play dates where we take the kids somewhere special or even spend the morning at a friend's which is equally special because someone else's toys are always way more fun than ours.

We got to enjoy the perfect mix of sun and snow before our spring like temperatures hit this weekend.  

Our friends live right next to a hill that is the perfect size for all our little I thought:)
The hill wasn't at all steep but what I didn't know was that the sleds had some serious speed to them.  Each parent took turns waiting at the bottom to make sure to stop the kids so they didn't crash into any trees.  I thought sticking a boot out would have been suffice until the sled got under my boot.  Not only did the sled take me down but I  somersaulted over the kids and landed on my back with a mouth full of snow and one painfully popped jaw.

Look, the camera caught how fast they were going...

Don't worry, aside from a few tears the kids were fine and after a few chiropractic adjustments, so am I.

It looks like winter will be returning tomorrow and judging by all the smiles I captured I think there will be more sledding in our future!



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