Friday, January 25, 2013

Homemade Snow

With the freezing temperatures outside, why not make our own little box of snow inside.  Lauren loves crafts, especially something she can really touch and play with.  That also means the messiest ones.  Homemade snow was perfect for her and a reason to clean for me.

I got the idea from here, pinterest too:)
I only used one container of cornstarch and a half of can of foamy shaving cream (not gel).  I also mixed up the snow myself so there wouldn't be a powdery mess and just kept adding more shaving cream until the consistency could form a ball.

I prepped everything while Lauren was at school and had a lid on the box until we were ready to start.  Curious was an understatement.
Like the original post described a tarp or newspaper is needed.  It was messy, especially when asking a four year old to keep the snow in the box.  It's like the forbidden fruit, they do it anyway.  The cost was inexpensive and it kept her busy from making a snowman to cookies and pies.

Just a few other pics from our week.




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