Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beating the Winter Blues

I dreaded this time of year when I was a working girl.  Driving to and from work in the dark was so depressing and I worked in cube city, so I really only saw the light of day if I left the building for lunch.  Now that I am a stay at home mom, I get to enjoy (there is sarcasm in my typing) the grey skies ALL DAY LONG.  I think we all savour the sunny wintery days when they're here, but sometimes you need a little help to get you to spring.  Here are a few tips I use to beat the winter blues!

 Fake it, till we make it 
Buy some springy flowers.  They had color and bring a little life inside when its not to pleasant outside.  

All She Wants To Do Is Dance 
Listening to your favorite song is sure to put a smile on your face, and dancing gets the blood flowing and I'm certain get those endorphins going to.  Dance parties are always happening here!

Wine Wednesday or Thirsty Thursday
Turn your boring week day into an occasion.  Maybe you were stuck in crazy traffic or are exhausted from entertaining your kids all day because you're running out of options (I'm the latter.) The glass is definitely half full with this approach and is really a cure for any slump, any time of year.

Dress For The Wrong Season
Maybe this is a fashion no-no, but it may be a genius mood lifter.  Trade your black in for some bright pink.  My little fashionista always has a pop of color.

Plan a Fun Night Out
Maybe it's a date night or a girls night out, but I love having something fun to look forward to on your calendar.  Maybe you'll spend some time planning a fun outfit or even treating yourself to mani/pedi before your night out.

Get Out Of Dodge 
And if all of the above fails, the only cure for you is to get that credit card out and book yourself a trip somewhere warm.
Bahamas - April 2010


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